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Definition of Employment Law

Employment law, also known as labor law, covers a broad spectrum of issues and problems that may arise from the employer-employee relationship, including current and former employees and job applicants. When employment arises as a result of a valid contract between an employer and employee, state law alone may apply. However, certain federal laws offer employees certain rights and protections.

How to Maintain Employee Personnel Files Without Violating Employment and Labor Law

From the time an employer has their first contact with a prospective employee, through the time of termination of employment, it is important that written records related to the employee be kept in an employee personnel file under the name of each employee. These employment files, if maintained correctly, can potentially serve to protect the employer from future liability for employment and labor law violations, such as wrongful termination or employment discrimination.

How to Become an Employment Lawyer

Employment law covers a variety of fields within the workplace, and offers one of the more stable legal fields in the profession. As long as people continue to be employed, there will be legal disputes. These disputes often come in the form of harassment claims, wage and hour disputes, safety violations, improper workplace conduct, immigration employment, whistle-blowing protection, and anti-union protection, just to name a few. To become an employment lawyer, the obvious first step is to attend law school.

What Is the Difference Between Labor Law & Employment Law?

Labor law is about collective action on the part of workers to bring about change in working conditions and pay by forming unions for the purpose of collective bargaining with employers. Employment law encompasses all phases of the employer and employee relationship, including, but not limited to, wages, benefits, employment management rights and work-place safety.

How to Write a Resume

The most difficult thing about writing a resume is knowing what to emphasize. You must attract the attention of HR managers, who receive hundreds of resumes every day even when they haven't advertised any positions. Follow these steps to compose a resume that will earn you an interview.

How to Get a Bank Teller Job

When it comes to bank teller positions, there's no specific formal education requirement. Basically, the only educational requirement by most financial institutions is a high school diploma. Banks typically rely on their own on-the-job training for employees. Some larger banks may send their new employees to a company-based training school for a couple of weeks in lieu of training at a local branch office, but this isn't common. Bank tellers are generally expected to have cash-handling experience, customer service skills and mathematical abilities.

How to locate banking jobs vacancies in Saudi Arabia

If you are seeking a banking job in Saudi Arabia banks, there are many ways can help you to land your dream job either you are living inside or outside Saudi Arabia. The main thing you need to do is to locate the vacancies.

How to Interview for a Banking Job

Going to a job interview can make you feel anxious or exhilarated and everything in between. The better prepared you are, the more relaxed you will be and the easier it will be to get through. If you are interviewing for a banking job, being prepared means more than just arriving on time with a copy of your resume in hand.

How to Get a Job Working in a Bank

Many people would love to get a job working in a bank, but are uncertain how to go about it. Getting the bank job depends on your skills and experience as well as the demand for banking positions in your area. However, if you are confident in your skills and experience, the process of getting a job in a bank is simple.

How to Get a Job in Investment Banking

A job search can be challenging in any field, much less a competitive one like investment banking. With its high salaries and popular locations, investment banking jobs are typically one of the most highly sought after employment positions. All that said, if you have the proper knowledge and work hard, you can get a job in investment banking.

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