What Is the State Law About Hiring Convicted Felons?

Laws about hiring felons vary from state to state. Many states, recognizing that an ever increasing number of Americans have some type of criminal record, discourage discrimination in hiring solely on that basis. The specific laws of each state are within their civil codes.

New Jersey Labor Laws About Salaried Employees

When categorizing salaried employees as exempt or nonexempt, employers in New Jersey adhere to federal law. State regulations apply to salary situations involving certain overtime practices and time off from work.

Why Is it Important for Managers to Know the Employment Laws?

If you are a manager in any business environment, it is very important that you know the basic laws surrounding employment. Chances are you'll have to deal with a situation that is covered by the major laws, so a familiarity with the law is an absolute must in order to avoid in potentially damaging legal issues.

Does the Law Require Employers to Follow Their Employee Policies?

Employers can design workplace policies that their employees must follow, as long as the rules are legal. Whether or not an employer must follow a certain policy himself depends on several factors.

Texas Labor Law Regarding Part-Time Employment

Texas labor law regarding part-time employment is derived from federal labor law. Neither Texas state law nor nor federal law recognizes the difference between part-time and full-time employment, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Employers are allowed to determine what part and full-time employment is, and part-time employees must follow the same rules as full-time employees.

How to Terminate an Employee in Texas

Employment in Texas is at the will of the employee and the employer, and termination of employment by either party is uncomplicated. It is easy for the employee to quit a job. However, Texas law has specific requirements for employers, and these statutes, along with Federal law, make termination of employees more difficult than the “employment-at-will” concept implies. Also, the Texas Payday Law regulates how and when to pay a discharged employee.

France Employment Laws

Employment laws in France range from the individual rights and benefits to which every employee is entitled to rules for required written legal contracts. There are many specific details that must be followed for employment in France, including the rule that contracts must be written in French to be binding, even if the employer and employee both speak a different language.

What Are Various Employment Laws Which Affect HR Decisions & Actions?

The human resource department is responsible for compliance of a multitude of employment- and workplace-related laws. Most human resource managers also are responsible for training other key management personnel to ensure these laws are being upheld throughout the company. The most common laws that affect HR decisions and actions involve equal employment opportunities, discrimination, labor laws and medical leaves of absence.

Texas Employment Laws About Leaves of Absence

Employees in the state of Texas can be protected by state and federal laws if they need to take a leave of absence from work for certain qualifying conditions, such as the birth of a child. The payment terms during those leaves of absence can vary based on legal requirements and on an employer’s employment policy. When possible, employees should be aware of leave of absence laws and employer policies before taking a leave from work. Employees can discuss questions and concerns with human resources personnel.

California Law on Layoffs

Layoffs are an inevitable part of doing business. California law doesn't prevent employers from laying off employees, but it does govern how they can do it. Certain employees are entitled to 60 days notice of a layoff. Laid-off employees must receive an immediate, final check that includes accrued benefits and often are eligible for unemployment benefits.

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